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Our Process

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The Spartadia Recruit Method

Completely outsourcing the hiring process is like getting married to a mail order bride. The interview and selection process is an important part of the courtship ritual that builds a relationship that not only helps you select the correct candidate but also creates a lasting bond with that candidate.

At Spartadia Recruit we guide you through the hiring process while still allowing you to be involved and create a lasting bond with the candidate as part of the hiring process.

We will not only get you the best candidates, but candidates that want to work for you.

Assessing Role Requirements & Ideal Candidate Profiles

Spartadia-Recruit has created a tool with clear questions that will allow us to scope the job requirements and attract the qualified candidates that will be a perfect cultural fit for your company. You can start using this tool for free by selecting get started.

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We get you the candidates

After you have answered the questions in our online tool, we take care of all the other steps and we deliver pre-screened finalist candidates, as soon a they pass the assessment tool, so you can move quickly to interview and hire the best candidates while they are on the market.

The Selection Process

Then you conduct the interviews and select a candidate to hire using your process.
We also provide a suggested selections process including a screening interview, a comprehensive interview and a full set of instructions on how to go about the hiring process and making a job offer.

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The Real Time Salary Survey

We ask candidates what their desired salary is a part of the selection process. We use this to create a “Desired Salary vs candidate rating report”, that gives an excellent indication of how much you need to pay at each level of candidate talent

Train and integrate your new hire

Then you conduct the interviews and select a candidate to hire using your process.
We also provide you with tools help you to train and integrate your new hire into your company. We provide you user friendly tools to create a Job Description, a personal goal worksheet, a weekly review tool, and a personal one page biography for the new hire.

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