Testimonials - Spartadia Recruit



Michael Koff

B. Comm., CPA, CA, CFP, TEP
Owner, Michael Koff & Associates


Recently we used Spartadia Connect for our hiring needs and with great results. Firstly, the intelligence built into the system really helped us focus on the type of person who would be the right fit. Further, the potential candidates were pre-screened during the process using other sophisticated criteria. This provided very valuable information to a prospective employer to rank the candidates for suitability. For us, the hiring time for this position was the lowest in our experience, as was the cost. This is a great service!


Giulio Accardi

Chief Solutions Officer
Brand Concepts Source Solutions Inc


Our experience with Spartadia has been very positive. Unlike conventional employment agencies, Spartadia’s approach streamlines the search process and generates qualified candidates. Its about quality of candidate versus quantity of candidates. The process makes the vetting process easier and hiring cycle shorter. Most importantly, candidates they find fit the job description and the hiring company. The end result is a fit between three essential elements; candidate, job, and hiring company.

Ron McIntosh

Group Leader
CEO Global Network


Ray is a business leader and successful entrepreneur. He has demonstrated the drive and tenacity needed to build successful companies through ongoing innovations and operational excellence. These qualities, along with his business experience, uncompromised personal integrity and desire to help others make Ray an ideal person to work with.

Yves Farges

Qualifirst Foods Ltd


“I have had the privilege of working with Ray for over 20 years. Dedicated and focused, Ray brings a basal passion for the workplace & eagerness to learn that has made him a recognized expert in fine food and distribution. Over two decades he has improved his knowledge to the point that he was able to restructure the business processes into the 21st century. I call him the architect of the modern Qualifirst with good reason. Dependable and utterly honest I consider him a good friend with a general competence superior to many business leaders in the corporate world.